The Need for Laminate Flooring

Laminate is a great option for someone who wants the look of wood or stone without the premium that comes with those materials. A high-quality laminate floor handles dents and scratches better than almost any other product due to it having a very strong and durable wear layer.

Also, the composition of the core on the laminate floors is very strong due to how compressed and dense the fiberboard is.

Several manufacturers including TAS and Mohawk are enhancing their laminate product lines to make them water resistant. If scratch and stain resistance is your main priority, definitely consider going with laminate flooring.

The look and feel of laminate have improved over the years to mimic the stone and hardwood counterparts thanks to technological advancements in the industry and they will only get better.

Installing an underlayment beneath the hardwood is something to consider. It can improve the softness underfoot and help with the acoustics since laminate tends to be loud and hollow-sounding (some laminates have the padding attached.