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Stone countertops have been around for thousands of years. Countertops made with granite and marble came to market first because they were natural. Within the past 60 years, man-made quartz countertops have become very popular due to their strength and easy maintenance. Each type of material offers unique benefits, which can be anything from natural beauty to strength and performance.

When looking for the right product for your kitchen countertop or even your bathroom vanity countertop, you should look at the pros and cons of each choice and base your decision on what checks off the most boxes for your use. If you are in a household with kids that spill and are rough on your countertops, you may want to avoid porous countertops such as marble that will not handle stains very well. Instead, we may propose an engineered quartz countertop due to its much lower absorption rate and hardness. If you want a countertop that really catches the eye and makes a statement, you may want to consider either natural marble or natural quartzite. Both materials offer a one-of-a-kind countertop with natural movement and veining to enhance its elegance.

Granite, one of the hardest materials, is also a popular option for countertops. Not only is granite natural, but its organic surface holds up to heat better than quartz.

How to clean quartz countertops?

Using a clean rag or sponge with mild soap and warm water will clean the slab very well. Just make sure to wipe down thoroughly after to avoid residues drying up and making your slab look dirty and visually unappealing. A high-quality quartz cleaner can be used as well or Lysol wipes that are bleach-free. We recommend using water and a small amount of liquid soap, as some cleaners and vinegar with frequent use may weaken and take off some of the sealants used on your natural stone.

Is quartz cheaper than granite?

It all depends on the style of quartz you select. A simple and basic quartz style may be more cost-effective than granite. Quartz with very high veining may cost more than many granite stones. Pricing for quartz all depends on the amount of work that goes into the design style of your selected quartz. A more natural-looking quartz slab with large veining will be more costly as it requires more time to produce. Granite pricing is influenced by its rarity, where it was sourced from, and supply and demand factors.

Does granite scratch?

Granite is very durable but it can be easily scratched with something that is equally as hard or harder than the stone itself. We recommend using a cutting board as often as possible. If the granite does scratch, it tends to hide those scratches very well due to its natural depth in color.

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